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A World of Opportunity
There are billions of mobile phones in use worldwide, Add many more millions of cameras, notebook computers, portable music players, DVD players, televisions, game machines, GPS, power tools, and numerous other devices.

Statistically, 30% of those people will buy at least one new battery. But except for the expensive original OEM branded product, many countries lacked a source of premium quality replacement batteries. That adds up to a huge market opportunity, and UpStart Battery will help you capture it.

And that is just today’s opportunity. Demand for power and portability is growing, yet so is awareness of the impact that carbon fuel use is having on the environment. Electric cars are already being produced that use li-on batteries as their power source. The growth rate in Lithium Ion battery production is about 35% per year and increasing.

All those batteries will need to be replaced, and customers should get them from you.

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